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From The New York Times:

"Cavin,who performed last night at Carnegie Recital Hall, is the complete clarinetist.  Not only was his technical proficiency untaxed during a strenuous program, but in each work he went well beyond mere craft....Mr. Cavin's inherent gift for phrasing was evident....his tone remained firm and sonorous....Intonation was excellent and a wide range of dynamic shadings provided contrasts.  Mr. Cavin's professional career to date has centered on ballet and opera orchestras, and perhaps that is why he achieved in his playing such a pleasing balance between singing and dancing. "    Donal Henahan, The New York Times

Mike honored  to be a Backun/MoBa Artist.  Their clarinets are beautifully designed and manufactured, and play better than any other clarinet I have ever played.  I use them exclusive. For more info: www.backunmusical.com

Mike is very passionate about music, and enjoys sharing his expertise and artistry in recitals,  as soloist, or in chamber music partnerships, and Festivals, as well in Master Classes and Clinics.

   Experience the mature artistry of a critically acclaimed classical artist exposing the subtle nuances of phrasing, beautiful tonal colors and virtuosic displays found in the repertoire for the clarinet.

   Open bookings for Solos with Orchestra, Recitals with piano, Chamber Music Partnerships, Festivals and Master Classes.

Links on this site:       Bio/Press Kit    Bio/Press Kit 2   NY Times Review     Quotes 1      Quotes 2   Guadalajara, Chapala      San Luis Potosi       Poster          Sound Clips

Mike Cavin             
1601 N. Parkwood Drive                                   USA (1)  956 533-0531
Harlingen, TX 78550  USA                                 email: cavinm@sbcglobal.net

Mike is honored to be a Legere Reed Artist.  He uses these reeds exclusively, and sees no reason to ever use another reed.  For more info:  https://www.facebook.com/Legere Reeds

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